Learn To Dive

Learning to dive is easy!

In just a few short weeks, you can be going out for adventures across town and across the world.


Be Awesomer!

Take your adventure to new depths!

Getting certified is just the start.  Learn the skills necessary to begin your career as a dive professional.


Bragging Rights

Have your own video made!

It's okay to brag when you do something awesome.  So go ahead and make your friends jealous.


From gear configurations and reviews, to behind the scenes footage and discussions about my videos, the blog is where you you can keep up with how I'm diving. 

Who Is Kevin Casey?

I am a diving professional.

From teaching you how to dive, to making an amazing video to share with your friends, I've got you covered.  I can even service your gear to make sure it is as good as new.

I have been diving since 2008, and have been a scuba professional since 2009.  I have been factory trained to work on dozens of brands of dive gear, and have serviced over a thousand regulators over the years.  I regularly attend industry events and training seminars to make sure that I can give you the best experience possible with whatever brand of gear you love.

My current focus is on learning the Long Island Sound and the coasts of Connecticut and Rhode Island.  I particularly want to get to know the U-853 inside and out this summer.  If you've got a favorite dive site or charter boat, tweet it to me at @KevinCaseyScuba.


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